Silver Jewellery

If silver is what you're looking for, you will not be disappointed by the stunning selection in our store. From the traditional to the avant-guarde, we carry beautiful creations from around the world from sought-after brands such as:

Keith Jack Sea Gems Elle

Family / Couples Jewelry

Create a unique treasure that represents your family member or other loved ones! There are many options to choose from to customize your piece, including birthstones and engraving. Look at our exciting collections from

Personalized Gems

A personal and sentimental gift perfect for Mothers' or Fathers' Day, birthdays, wedding anniversaries or any other special occasion.

Celtic Jewellery

Celtic knot These ancient Irish designs are valued both for their beauty and their symbolism. We carry rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets in Celtic designs, in silver, gold and silver/gold combinations. Two of our most popular lines in Celtic jewellery come from Sea Gems in the U.K., and from Keith Jack in Vancouver.

Ash Holders

For many, ash holders are a precious way of keeping a departed loved one close to their hearts. We have a fine selection of ash holder pendants with coordinating chains for you to choose from, for this very special piece of jewellery.