Why does my white gold ring look yellow?

White gold rings may sometimes start to appear yellow or have a yellow tinge. The reason for this is that pure gold (24K) is yellow. There is no such thing as 24K white gold. All gold starts off yellow, then alloys are mixed with it to determine its colour. Something like mixing paint. What can happen is that the yellow gold in the ring, because it is heavier than the alloys, will start to separate from the alloy and come to the surface. The ring now looks “yellow”. Also, white gold rings are typically plated in rhodium, a white metal. When the rhodium starts to wear off, the ring may start to look yellow. Recently, advances in the development of alloys have produced new types of white gold alloy. One example is alloy containing Palladium. Although it is a more expensive alloy to use, it produces a white gold ring that does not turn yellow. Different manufactures have other processes as well. Some of these work quite well to alleviate this problem.

If your white gold ring is starting to look yellow, it can be polished and re-rhodium plated so that it will look new again.

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