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Exquisite Gold & Gems not only makes custom jewellery but also provides in stock or to order jewellery from a variety of brands to help you find what you’re looking for.

Listed are some of the brands we carry.

Les Georgettes

Offering the latest fashion from France: Les Georgettes by Altesse. This renowned French atelier offers a unique collection of customizable jewellery that allows you to mix styles with different coloured reversible leather inserts. Choose from bracelets or rings that allow you to tailor your jewellery to match your outfit, your mood, or the occasion. You can collect additional leather inserts for endless colour options.

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Keith Jack

"Keith draws inspiration from the raw beauty of the Scottish and Irish landscapes. Each of his collections offers something unique that he has seen in a hidden mountain loch, the grey sky over the glen or the ripples on a sandy beach. Inspiration becomes design.

Such resources push him to combine textured precious metals and exotic gemstones in surprising and stunning ways. His designs are strengthened by his ability to blend ancient Celtic symbolism with contemporary style and elegance."

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Sea Gems

"Sea Gems is a family company with over 30 years experience in creating original, stylish jewellery and gifts.
We are passionate about design, drawing inspiration from our stunning, natural surroundings and rich Celtic heritage."

Meditation Rings

Meditation rings are as beautiful as they are useful, designed to help the wearer gain peace and serenity in our hectic world. Meditation rings are inspired by ancient Tibetan prayer wheels. For Buddhists, spinning the wheel brings peace and enlightenment, encouraging good Karma and dispelling the bad. Meditation rings work in a similar fashion, allowing the wearer to spin away their worries and bring good luck.

Malo Bands

Malo provides a "masterfully crafted assortment of wedding bands. And [their] commitment is to utilize ethically sourced materials only."

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Citizen Watches

Exquisite Gold & Gems carries a full line of men’s and women’s wristwatches from Citizen featuring the revolutionary Citizen Eco-Drive that is literally powered by light – a watch that never needs a battery! This watch combines traditional elegance with modern convenience. It constantly recharges itself in any light, indoors or out, including dim lighting.

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Elle Jewelery

"Our philosophy is to bridge the gap between the contemporary and the classic, to merge the modern with timeless. ELLE Jewelry is more than just accessories. We believe that ultimately jewelry should be a personal expression , a way of celebrating a woman’s unique and beautiful individuality. Our Brand promise is to be fashionably classic while offering affordable luxuries."

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Personalized Gems

"Family Jewellery and Name Jewellery are sentimental and personal gifts that create a unique memorable keepsake; one that will leave a lasting impression."
"Choose your design, personalize it with gemstones, engraving or laser cut names and dates, and to visualize the item as it is transformed into your own creation."

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"Indulge in the fascinating world of stainless steel where diversity joins with luxury and affordability."
"Urban and edgy, the STEELX collection for both men and women incorporates leathers, sparkling crystals, natural and semi-precious stones, reflecting true cutting-edge technology that exudes quality."

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