A Symbol of Your Love that Will Last the Ages

Buying the right engagement ring is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life. You want to find the perfect ring: the perfect diamond, the perfect setting, the perfect design and style. A ring that will make them tremble with joy when they say “Yes!” It can seem like a lot of pressure.

That’s why a good place to start is at Exquisite Gold & Gems, Thunder Bay’s Jewellery Store. We make it easy for you to find that perfect ring. We’ll teach you about the 4Cs of diamonds (or 5Cs, if you include “Canadian”) so you understand how colour, clarity, cut, and carat all interplay to form the perfect gemstone for you. Our online Diamond Selector can help too, listing some of the diamonds we have available. If you can’t find the diamond that’s right for you, we can search our extensive network to find the one that is.

Engagement Rings to Match Every Style and Taste

Diamonds are just the beginning when it comes to engagement rings. Our expert jewellers and gemologists will show you everything from traditional styles to the latest trends to help you find a ring and setting that will suit the taste of your special someone. We can also create a custom engagement ring just for you so that you can give a truly unique piece that comes directly from your heart.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to join our Free Exquisite Couple program with the purchase of your engagement ring. There is nothing quite like having your own personal jeweller right here in Thunder Bay!

Diamond Alternatives

You may also choose a ring that doesn’t have a diamond at all. Although rings have long been a symbol of everlasting love, diamonds are a relatively new tradition. Previously, other gemstones were more common including rubies, and sapphires. There are also meaningful engagement rings available that do not have gemstones at all, including intricate gold and platinum rings. Irish Claddagh rings have been used as engagement rings for over a thousand years to represent love, loyalty, and commitment.

Yes, finding the right engagement ring is an important decision. But you don’t have to make it alone. Come down to Exquisite Gold & Gems. We’ll help you find the right design, style, and diamond that will take their breath away!