Timeless Character

Gold has been valued for millenia for its rich colour and for its malleability – its ability to be molded and formed into any shape. Gold is changeless – it never tarnishes, rusts, or corrodes.


The Gold content in a metal is measured in terms of karats (“k” or “kt”). Pure gold or 100% gold is referred to as 24k gold, meaning it is 24/24ths pure gold. When pure gold is alloyed with other metals such as silver, copper, or nickel, the gold percentage and thus the number of karats decreases. Gold alloys have the advantage of being much stronger and scratch-resistant than 24k gold.

The most common gold is as follows:

  • 10k – 10 parts gold and 14 parts alloy.  10k gold items may also be stamped 417.  This means 41.7% gold.
  • 14k – 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy.  14k gold items may also be stamped 583.  This means 58.3% gold.
  • 18k – 18 parts gold and 6 parts alloy.  18k gold items may also be stamped 750.  This means 75.0% gold
  • 22k – 22 parts gold and 2 parts alloy.  22k gold items may also be stamped 916.  This means 91.6% gold.


Yellow gold in its purest form, has a warm, rich yellow colour. Even when alloyed with other metals it retains a warm, yellow color, although the depth of the colour decreases slightly as the number of karats decreases.

White gold has a bright, fresh appearance. Yellow gold is alloyed with other metals specifically to enhance the light colour. Often white gold is finished with a rhodium plating to give it a bright white appearance without any traces of yellow. If the plating wears in time, some yellow may show through, but this can be easily repaired by a jeweler who will replate the item.

Rose gold has pink overtones with some yellow depth still apparent. It is gold created by alloying pure gold with copper. This gives the gold its unique colour.


To keep your precious gold jewelry safe and looking its best, it must be properly cared for. Remove jewelry before engaging in rugged activities such as sports or gardening. Store your jewelry in separate fabric-lined compartments to prevent scratching. Inspect your jewelry regularly for any signs of wear, especially in clasps or prongs. By all means, bring your jewelry to our store for a free professional inspection and cleaning!

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