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About Gold Jewellery and Wedding Bands

Gold jewellery is one of the most meaningful gifts from the heart. This precious metal shimmers like no other representing love, devotion, and commitment. Renowned for its elegance and radiance, gold has been used in some of the most stunning jewellery pieces for thousands of years. There is simply nothing quite like gold.

That’s why at Exquisite Gold & Gems, we put the word “gold” right in our name. We bring a beautiful array of gold rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other gold jewellery from around the world to Thunder Bay. Our goldsmiths can also help you design your own gold jewellery for a unique gift. We are also one of the few experts in Thunder Bay for gold jewellery repair, fixing broken jewellery so that it is as strong – and as beautiful – as ever.

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Gold Bands & Wedding Bands

The wedding band is a special piece of jewellery – a symbol of love and fidelity. It is one of the original symbols in human history, its unbroken circle simply and naturally representing the idea of “forever”. Originally, wedding rings were made from organic material such as grasses. This was replaced with more permanent materials such as metals. Gold, rare and beautiful, remains one of the most sought-after metals used for wedding bands. It is a valuable gift that you would only give to someone who means everything to you, now and forever.

Exquisite Gold & Gems, Thunder Bay’s Jewellery Store, has a wide range of beautiful gold bands from light, delicate, and simple to extravagant and ornate. We also carry wedding bands made of other materials to suit the style and tastes of all our customers in Thunder Bay.

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