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Thunder Bay’s Appraisal Professionals

Owner/gemologist John (Chuck) Sandford is a Graduate Gemologist (Gemological Institute of America) and Accredited Appraisal Professional (Canadian Jeweller’s Association). John (Chuck) Sandford has been a gemologist since 1994, and a certified appraisal professional since the program’s inception. He is one of only two accredited appraisal professionals between Winnipeg and Elliot Lake. He has decades of experience working with gold, gemstones, and other precious materials. Using modern gem testing equipment, he can accurately assess the quality of diamonds and other precious stones, and even identify today’s best synthetics. Our onsite appraisal services mean that you never have to send your jewellery away for appraisal. Each appraisal includes a detailed description and a photograph of your jewellery. The value stated on the appraisal depends on the intended use of the document. Common uses are as follows:
  • Insurance companies usually require an appraisal with the estimated retail replacement value. This is the estimated cost of replacing the item with an item that is as close as possible to the insured item.
  • If you are planning to sell the item privately, you may want an appraisal that states the resale value. This would be an estimated fair price to receive or pay for a used item.
  • In the case of divorce, or inheritance/probate, you require an appraisal for division of property. This would be an estimated fair price to receive or pay for a used item, but is based on the date of separation/death.
(For detailed information on appraisals in general, visit the Canadian Jewellers Association.) Most appraisals are completed within 48 hours (during business days). Appraisals start at $50 per item, based on the amount of time it will take to do the appraisal. We will give you a cost estimate before starting the work.

Contact Exquisite Gold & Gems for Your Jewellery Appraisals

To arrange for a jewellery appraisal, contact Exquisite Gold & Gems to book an appointment or come down to our showroom. We’ll explain the process and provide you with a cost estimate before we start the appraisal process.

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