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About Celtic Jewellery

Inspired by the ancient symbols of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and England, Celtic jewellery offers a unique style that celebrates early heritage and culture dating back to at least 2,000 BC. Our high-quality collections come from gifted Celtic jewellery designers around the world working in silver and gold.


Many of these beautifully crafted pieces lean towards the fantastic, hearkening to the medieval times and before with motifs such as dragons, knights, and Arthurian legends. Others are more subtle for jewellery that can be worn anytime and to any occasion. Some favourite pieces of Celtic jewellery include the Love Knot (which often resembles two interlocking hearts) and other ancient designs with no beginning or end. The Trinity Knot is another popular choice. It can represent the early Celtic values of fidelity, love, and eternity or the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. No matter what the symbolism, these striking and intricate pieces are designed to excite the imagination as much as the senses.

Exclusive Jeweller of Several Celtic Collections

Exquisite Gold & Gems, Thunder Bay’s Jewellery Store, is the exclusive jeweller in Thunder Bay for such popular Celtic jewellery collections as Sea Gems in Cornwall, UK and Keith Jack in Vancouver, BC. Our collections include rings (including Claddagh rings), earrings, pendants and necklaces, cuff links, and bracelets.

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