Custom Jewellery

Custom Jewellery From The Heart

Have a special piece of custom jewellery in mind? Exquisite Gold & Gems, Thunder Bay’s Jewellery Store, can help you bring it to life!

Sometimes you find a certain jewellery piece that would be perfect if only it had a different stone, a different setting, or a different type of gold. Or perhaps there’s a piece that doesn’t exist anywhere but your imagination…

Our expert jewellers can help you create custom jewellery for that special gift from the heart. If you’re looking for ideas, we can start by showing you some items similar to what you are looking for. We can also discuss what type of metal you would like to use, which gemstones, and which special touches such as design engraving or unique flairs that match your personality.

Don’t know where to start? Browse items and settings from one of our suppliers to get ideas for how you want your one-of-a-kind custom jewellery to look.
Check out Loving Embrace for a custom fit wedding band.

You can customize or create almost any type of jewellery including:

  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Pendants

  • …and more. If you can imagine it, Exquisite can help you find a way to turn your creative design into a stunning one-of-a-kind piece!

    Revitalize Old Jewellery

    Although Exquisite Gold & Gems does jewellery repair in Thunder Bay, sometimes old pieces are broken beyond repair. That doesn’t mean you have to trade in your jewellery or throw it away. We can help you take gemstones, settings, and pieces of intricate designs, and turn them into a completely new piece. In some cases, you can turn broken antique jewellery into multiple pieces so several family members can enjoy it. Revitalizing old jewellery heirlooms is a great way to honour your ancestors and keep special pieces within the family.

    Contact Exquisite Gold & Gems for a Custom Jewellery Consultation

    Exquisite Gold & Gems, Thunder Bay’s Jewellery Store, is one of the few jewellers in the region that can modify existing jewellery or create the custom jewellery piece you have in mind. Contact us to arrange a free consultation. Once we get an idea of what you’re looking for, we’ll provide you with a cost estimate.

    Whether you’re looking for jewellery customization in Thunder Bay, revitalizing old jewellery, or creating a whole new piece from your own inspiration, Exquisite Gold & Gems will help you make a custom jewellery piece that’s straight from the heart!

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