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Exquisite Couples

Become an Exquisite Couple

In Europe it’s traditional for families to have their favourite jeweller or jewellery store just as here you might have a favourite bakery or coffee shop. The advantage of having your own personal jeweller is that they get to know your tastes and can help you find just the right piece every time.

At Exquisite Gold & Gems, Thunder Bay’s Jewellery Store, we think that’s a special tradition, and we carry it on today. We cater to a wide range of customers in Thunder Bay. We’ve been serving some families for decades now, and we are proud and humbled to be part of their traditions over generations.

We would love to be part of your new family, too!

It Starts With Your Engagement

That’s why we offer engaged couples a unique opportunity to start that relationship now – one that is sure to grow over the years! When you join the Free Exquisite Couple Program with the purchase of your engagement ring*, you’ll receive a free Engagement Package which includes:

  • Free Manicures – You’ll receive a coupon for two free manicures so that your hands will look great when showing off your rings.
  • Free Shag Gift – About 2 months before your shag, come in to request your Free Shag gift.  Please allow at least 4 weeks for us to prepare.  We will need a letter requesting the donation and stating the date of the shag.

  • 10% off Wedding Party Gifts –  We know it is still early days, but when you are ready to purchase gifts for your wedding party, we would like to offer you 10% off.  Please give us 4 to 6 weeks’ notice to ensure that we can get multiples of any items you need.

  • Free Inspection, Buff, and Polish (Once a year) ** – Before the wedding, bring your engagement ring in for a Free inspection, buff, and polish. We want your ring to look fantastic for your special day. After that, bring your rings in annually to inspect and make shine like new again.

  • Free Mini Engagement Photoshoot – We need a nice picture of the two of you in order to register. Book a Free Mini Engagement Photoshoot with our photographer and receive a professional portrait of the two of you.

  • As well as some exclusive offers that may pop up over the years

As a member of the Exquisite Couple Program, you’ll also receive exclusive offers reserved only for our most special customers.

Already Married? You Can Join, Too

Our Exquisite Couple Program is open to anyone who has purchased their engagement ring* from us, even if it was before our program started. This free membership includes:

  • Annual Free Inspection, Buff, and Polish  – Bring in up to three rings of your wedding set purchased from us annually to inspect and make shine like new again.
  • 10% off your next purchase**
  • Exclusive offers reserved only for our Exquisite Couples.

Visit Us to Find Out More about the Exquisite Couple Program

Come down to our Thunder Bay showroom on Memorial to sign up for the Exquisite Couple Program or to find out more information. We want to become your personal jeweller!

*Minimum $499 before taxes
**Excludes custom work and services

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