We Buy Your Jewellery

Do you have old jewellery that you are looking to part with?
We buy jewellery for scrap value. Not only gold, but also diamonds.

If you happen to have items that are still in good shape, we recommend that you attempt to sell the items privately, before bringing them to us. If this has not worked for you, or you are not interested in selling the items privately, we would be happy to give you a price. Then, we can either issue you a cheque, or you can put the money towards a purchase or repair from our store.

When we buy items, we evaluate, based on style and condition, what items will be sent to the refiner, and which we will feature in our estate display. When these items have been restored to “like new” condition, they sell for approximately half of what they would if they were new. What a great deal!

Collect your un-used and un-wanted jewellery, and make an appointment to have it evaluated.